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5 Useful VB Windows Scripts to Automate Your Computer Use

I think I’m mostly interested in creating scripting languages. For example, I see people that write programs but then they have a scripting language for their application. Say I had a text file reader and for some reason wanted a scripting language to automate something.

  • However, use caution when you’re working with a script like this one.
  • Resetting your network connection using VB scripting is something we’ve covered before here at MakeUseOf.
  • If you’re running several commands, you could place the PAUSE command in between them.
  • The example we’re using above relies on actually printing information to the Command Prompt so the user can read it.
  • The Ubuntu-based Bash environment comes with both the vi and nano text editors.

And when adding the PowerShell extension, you get an interactive scripting editing experience, which even comes with IntelliSense (code-completion) support. It’s possible to create PowerShell script files using any text editor or the legacy ISE application. However, the Visual Studio Code editor is the preferred option for writing scripts (whenever possible). After you run the above script, you’d find a file named results.txt in the same folder as the batch file with the output of the commands.

How do you create a computer or scripting language for an application?

This trick allows you to add Bash commands into batch files or PowerShell scripts. The Bash shell window will appear when a Bash command is running. You might also want to add the “ECHO OFF” command to the beginning of the file. When you do this, the why is basic knowledge of scripting an important tool for it professionals to have commands themselves won’t be printed to the Command Prompt, but the results will be. For example, you’ll see the network connection details but not the “ipconfig /all” line. Most people don’t care to see the commands, so this can clean up the output.

Autocorrect isn’t perfect, but it can be very handy if you’re prone to the occasional spelling mistake. Some mobile operating systems like iOS deliver autocorrect functionality no matter what app you’re using. You can get the same assistance on PC by implementing an AutoHotKey script. Name the file shutdown.cmd and use the Save as type dropdown to select All Files. Run this file with administrator privileges, and your PC will shut down instantly.

Ping Devices or Websites

It’s possible to learn how to do all of those individual things the normal way, or do them using batch files. But VB scripts are better than batch scripts because they’re more flexible. If you store the following scripts in a common place that’s quick to get to when you need it, you can accomplish these tasks in a fraction of the time. You just double-click the script, answer a prompt, and the task is done.

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