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How To Use Moving Average Convergence Divergence MACD Immediate BitXDR Help

For the Demo, we simulate the execution price to be equal to the price that triggered the condition. For now, we don’t account for the impact which the bid/ask spread of the coins may have on the results of your strategies. Usually, the main difference between testing a strategy in a demo environment and a real trading environment are the emotions involved that risk to take control of your rational side when real money is involved. This is a a real crypto trading simulator to test your strategies. Closing the trade quickly reduces the risk of missing the profit and allows the bot to start looking for the next opportunity on the market.

Immediate BitXDR

Futures also provides you access to leverage where you can increase your capital efficiency and overall exposure to the market. Leverage should only be used if the implications of increasing your position size are understood. Stop losses and effective risk management should also be used to prevent substantial losses from taking place. Whether cryptocurrencies trade in a Bull or Bear market, most of the time, they move with no clear direction.

On a more basic level, here’s what it would look like if I wanted to buy $1,000 of BTC any time the price dips 10%. Receive trading signals, create automated strategies and manage your portfolio
for free. Each rule can be set to run as fast as every minute and executes within seconds. Bear markets don’t have to be feared or loathed when using Immediate BitXDR. This article explains how to trade them and what to look out for. The strategy is more effective when the trading pair trades within a clear range.

Immediate BitXDR stands as a dynamic automated trading platform, tailored to empower traders with a range of strategies for different levels of automation and involvement. We don’t create bots for you, but we present a Marketplace and hundreds of template rules that can help you get started. At the core of Immediate BitXDR’s offering is its automated trading rules.

This helps in protecting investments and managing risks effectively. This is the best of two worlds and being able to leverage new trading technologies with your existing digital asset portfolio is what can take your investment portfolio to a whole new level. This works for both short-term and long-term traders since features several different bots, or rules, for all kinds of time horizons. No matter if you are a scalper looking to pick the spread of the prices or if you are a savvy trend investor, Immediate BitXDR offers templates that are pre-built to suit any trading style. Ever since entering the cryptocurrency space, we have been thinking about how to bring the user-friendly, intuitive user-experience we have become accustomed to in other tech areas to the Blockchain space. Immediate BitXDR is the product of our imagination, designed to be easy-to-use for technical and non-technical traders.

  • Moving averages can act as resistances during a bear market, with an indication of a downtrend being a shorter-term moving average being below a longer-term moving average.
  • This is the best tool to test trading strategies in paper trading on Binance.
  • Typical bear markets see bitcoin retrace between 80-90% and altcoins up to 99% and usually last between 6 months and 2 years, depending on the macroeconomic environment.
  • The job itself requires advanced knowledge in mathematics, statistical models and algorithms.
  • Additionally, when using ANY TIME, what can happen is that the rule buys 20 USD of ETH about 10 times in a row before the rule even sells something.

However, on signing up for a paid premium plan, which is $19 monthly, the complimentary free limit is extended to $2,500. Immediate BitXDR has a backtesting feature that allows users to test different rules against historical data to ascertain their performance before deciding on launching on the market. Botfolio’s pricing depends on the trading value users have per time. Besides this, they charge a fixed quarterly performance fee of 15%  on profits. This is so because building a bot requires advanced knowledge of programming. If not done properly, the bot would not execute rules as it should, leading to trading losses.

You can adjust these percentages to the market volatility as an advanced setup. Anyone who is already active on any of the supported exchanges can always give Immediate BitXDR a try in order to improve on the limited trading options many of those exchanges currently offer. These include the ability to intricately create and configure strategies, and readymade templates can be configured to include additional conditions and triggers or to act in a much simpler manner if desired. It will also then sell the same coin once it has increased by 5% to take profit, while the stop loss feature will also trigger a sale in the event that the price drops by 3%. You first need to select an exchange, define the event (e.g. 15% BTC price decrease), and then enter in your buy/sell order. You can also click on the “Timer” tab to configure how you would like to schedule your trades.

Run demo trades for free to see how those strategies play out in the cryptocurrency marketplace. Immediate BitXDR is a crypto trading platform that allows you to create your own automated trading rules, or follow 200+ templated strategies without having to use code. Immediate BitXDR syncs directly with most of the top centralized exchanges, so when the rules you define are met, trades execute automatically.

First, the market is open 24/7 per day all through 365 days a year. The prices of Cryptocurrency assets fluctuate sharply, either increasing or decreasing. The combination of these two features makes it imperative for traders to always be alert and monitor the market for changes in order to trade effectively and make profits. The rapidly changing landscape of crypto has resulted in high volatility which manual traders cannot react to.

Instead, it executes trades by connecting directly, via API, to exchanges where you have assets. Part of what makes Immediate BitXDR feasible for beginners is its templated strategies. These strategies can be implemented with a few clicks and executed on your favorite coins across exchanges. After making this selection, I had the opportunity to customize variables within the strategy — e.g., to use a 20-day moving average or a 50-day moving average.

In other words, they are premade strategies that can be copied and used with trading bots on the platform. There are countless available templates in the Immediate BitXDR marketplace, made by the Immediate BitXDR team itself and community members. This is due to the risk-reward of shorting being lower compared to longing. For example, the potential net gain from a short can only be 100% as an asset depreciates to 0.

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